Art Deco in the Hauts de France

Balcony ornaments and detail art nouveau style - Hotel Moderne
Balcony ornaments and detail art nouveau style - Hotel Moderne

Every year The Hauts de France region is organizing an “Art Deco exhibition. But you can discover it anytime and visit unusual places, participate in festivities and events organized in partnership with local actors!
The reconstruction after the 1st World War allows the rise of new techniques of "Modern" architecture, and the promotion of the Figurative Arts.  Towns endowed with development, embellishment and extension plans inspired by the “Roaring Twenties”, between 1920 and 1930.

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Museum of Fine Arts of the city of Arras

Marguerite Burnat-Provins - self-portrait
Marguerite Burnat-Provins - self-portrait


Facebook pages to explore the programming:


Free entry from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Museum of Fine Arts - Saint-Vaast Cultural Center

22, rue Paul Doumer, 62000 Arras

03 21 71 26 43 (the link is external) / mbarras

Exhibition conducted in partnership with the Jenisch Vevey Museum

LOUVRE LENS Temporary exhibitions


FANTASTIC BEASTS - Sep 27, 2023 - Jan 15, 2024

"This exhibition questions the origin and functions of these ambiguous creatures, alternately images of the terror and the attraction inspired by the divine, the transcendent and the unknown, or the expression of our camouflaged unconscious, incarnations of our anxieties or our nostalgia for the marvelous. This exhibition will show the adventures and tribulations of iconic figures such as the sphinx, the dragon, the griffin, the unicorn, or the phoenix in a transcultural (and transmediatic) approach, through works and objects of 'art, architecture, literature, music and cinema.

General curator: Hélène Bouillon, director of conservation, exhibitions and publications at the Louvre-Lens - Associate curators Jeanne-Thérèse Bontinck, research and exhibition manager at the Louvre-Lens - Caroline Tureck, in charge of research, documentation and scientific programming at the Louvre-Lens

Assisted by Yaël Pign


THE LACEMAKER - Masterpiece from the Louvre Museum
After the exhibition at the Louvre-Lens of "The Seated Scribe", a famous work of Egyptian Antiquities, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Louvre-Lens museum, the Louvre-Lens is exhibiting "La Dentellière" (1670-1671), masterpiece work of Johannes Vermeer. The painting joins the Galerie du temps at the Louvre-Lens until summer 2024.


LANDSCAPES - March 29 - July 14, 2023 - exhibition finished

What is a landscape - “In order to decipher it, the exhibition delves into the sources of artistic representations and follows the artist in the stages of his work, from the preparatory sketch to the finished work. She thus explores different types of landscapes and points of view on nature, from the small drawing to the gigantic panorama, from the peaceful plain to the threatening volcanoes, from the ephemeral instant to the vision of eternity, from figuration to abstraction. »

Curators: Marie Lavandier, director of the Louvre-Lens - Vincent Pomarède, general heritage curator at the Louvre Museum - Marie Gord, territorial conservation attaché at the Louvre-Lens



GEROME, Jean-Léon Anacréon
Bacchus et l'Amour

The Galerie du temps - 5,000 years of history at a glance

 "The Galerie du Temps (Gallery of Time) is the true heartbeat of the Louvre-Lens. More than 200 masterpieces loaned by the Musée du Louvre are displayed in an open space covering 3,000 m2.

 The chronological display extends from the 4th millennium BC to the mid 19th century, offering a unique journey through the history of art and humankind. Intermingling eras, techniques and civilizations, it makes it possible to look at the Louvre’s collections differently and discover them afresh."

 The scene : in connection with the exhibitions, you can attend conferences or animations

 The Louvre Lens : located on the site of a converted mine, the Louvre Lens hosts semi-permanent exhibits representative collections of the Louvre, and temporary exhibitions. Amidst a vast landscaped park, we find these cubes cuboids and glasses that house the many services of the Museum. Near the site, we distinguish the silhouette of the football stadium Bollaert-Delelis and two large Terrils.

 The museum is open every day, except Tuesday, from 10 to 18 and unless exceptional closure. Opening until 22h on the first Friday of each month from September to June

Christmas Market 2023

From Dec 2023

Arras City of Christmas
 Arras is a "Christmas town" in order to offer everyone the opportunity to better discover the city of Atrebate and its multiple shops with illuminations and decorations throughout the city.


Santa's House
For the joy of young and old alike, find Father Christmas in his house to pull his goatee, make him confidences, give him your list of wonderful gifts and other toys and take a photograph with him to immortalize this moment! From November 26 to December 24, Ipswich Square.

Come to Arras to discover The Magic of Christmas.

Arras Christmas City
Arras Christmas City

Arras Film Festival November 2023

Arras film festival 2023
Arras film festival 2023

From November 2023

Arras Film Festival gathered each year many spectators. You can discover many new films and previews in the presence of the some film-making teams

A competition brings together European feature films screened for the first time in France, tributes to the great names of cinema and them retrospectives. Festive entertainment and art. The festival also shows films for the whole family with a special program for children.

See you in  2023

The Arras Main Square 2024

Main square festival 2022
Main square festival 2022

Rendez-vous to experience and discover the Main square Festival of Arras, in an exceptional setting, at the citadel of Arras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In 2022, you had Sting, M, BLACK EYED PEAS and also electro, rock, pop or hip-hop. About forty groups represented on the 2 stages of the festival, the Main stage, or the Green stage, with a large number of internationally renowned artists, and new ones to discover.


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Vauban the citadelle - from 17th to 20th August

Histoires et reves Artois 2014
Histoires et reves Artois 2014

"Since 1997, volunteers from the Artois Culture Nature association have created a sound and light show retracing the history of the Arras region, “Au Fil du Temps, une Chaussée Brunehaut” and “Histoires et Rêves d’Artois”. After a stop due to the COVID epidemic, a new show was presented at the Citadel of Arras:


“Vauban, the citadel, Arras” on August 2023

The association presented for 3 days an entertaining and spectacular show. Plunged almost 400 years back, to the time of muskets and courtiers, the public witnesses scenes of dance, action with sword fighting, acrobatics on horseback. The range of paintings will suit the whole family. We never lose the thread of the plot.

A character plays Vauban's right arm and tells the story. Several dance sequences highlighting the extras help soften the pace, neither too slow nor too frantic. Very successful costumes, accessories and period makeup. The work and investment of volunteers are to be commended.



An original discovery of the Citadel through the highlights of this UNESCO-listed

Summer in Arras :  local festivities

Cité Nature area



A new Guinguette has been set up in Bords de Scarpe, rue de la Piscine, since July 7, and for the summer.

You can refresh yourself there, eat there and enjoy the entertainment.

And take the opportunity to hike along the towpath. You are behind Cité Nature, and 5/10 minutes from the squares of Arras.

Arras Beflry square - Place des Héros
Arras Beflry square - Place des Héros

Each year, the City of Arras offers various summer activities. You find especially at the end of the summer "Les Fêtes d'Arras" with the andouillette, queen of the festival on the last weekend of August. Many Arras restaurants offer you the unmissable “Andouillette-frites” menu! Sometimes in a traditional way, sometimes revisited, discover the recipes of your favorite restaurateurs who sublimate our local specialty.


The pedestrian races of Arras. The sporting event takes place in the streets of Arras on Sunday.

La Ducasse: the funfair is set up in the Val de Scarpe for 2 weeks.

The different activities vary over the years, to the delight of adults and youngsters alike.


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