the war front in 1917
the war front in 1917


The film "1917" by Sam Mendes released at the beginning of 2020 is enjoying growing success in cinema. The action takes place near Arras, at Croisilles and Ecoust-St-Mein, during the Battle of Bullecourt in April 1917.

The story through fictional characters is inspired by real facts.
The film could not be shot in France on the old battlefields. But the decorations have been reconstructed in England with great realism.

The film crews visited different sites in the region to edit the film: Écoust, the Thiepval Memorial, in Beaumont Hamel, where a Memorial pays tribute to the sacrifices of soldiers from Newfoundland, the La Boisselle Mine Hole, the Vimy memorial with its reconstructed trenches.

It is a whole history of the 1st world war in our region which challenges us with brilliance..

Museum of Fine Arts of the city of Arras

Exhibition of The Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles
Exhibition of The Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles


Arras Museum has a partnership with the Palace of Versailles since March 17, 2012 and for a ten-year cycle marked by five major long-term exhibitions, the collections of Versailles are presented at Saint-Vaast Abbey, Museum of Fine Arts of the city of Arras.

Last exhibition in November 2019 : Le traité de Versailles





Crédit Photo by Le Tandem Scène Nationale - Jan Fabre
Crédit Photo by Le Tandem Scène Nationale - Jan Fabre

From March 2 to May 4 - Closed Tuesday - Free Entry


L’Heure Bleue - Blue times : the dawn with blurred contours, with blue reflections ... Pretext for various drawings by Jan Fabre, in blue ballpoint pen, on different supports ,. Forty dizzying works ...
Palais Saint-Vaast Museum of Fine Arts of Arras

Exhibition in partnership with the theaters of Arras and Douai, the Tandem Scène nationale.
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From Louvre Lens web site
1920-1930 Kasimir Zgorecki, Le studio de photographie Zgorecki à Rouvroy, 1920-1930 © Adagp, Paris, 2018

EXHIBITIONS 2019 - 2020


September 25, 2019 - March 30, 2020 - KASIMIR ZGORECKI

 Photographing "Little Poland" 1924-1939


 1919: Beginning of the arrival of many Polish workers in the Mining Basin of Northern France. Kasimir Zgorecki is part of this Polish diaspora.


In 1922, he left the Ruhr where his father worked as a miner, and moved to the Pas-de-Calais. He worked only six months in the mines, before turning to professional photography. It portrays Polish emigrants from their country, keeping track of their personal history, immortalizing their personal achievements, making their existence palpable, and revealing their sober and touching lives.


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TINTORET - Old man painting
TINTORET - Old man painting

 Exhibitions 2019 - 2020


March 25, 2020 - July 13, 2020 - BLACK SUNS


 With masterpieces of modern painting discover inspiring contemporary art, and the fascination of this tonality with plural symbolism in the Western arts, from antiquity to the present day. The color of paradox, is black an absence of light, a void, a pleasing sum of all colors, a dazzle?


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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Madame Rivière, 1805
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Madame Rivière, 1805

 Exhibitions 2019 - 2020


September 16, 2020 - January 18, 2021 - LES LOUVRE DE PICASSO


The museum of Louvre Paris  has exhibited works by Picasso for many years. He has built a relationship of trust with many supporters within the Institution.


The exhibition traces this relationship since the 1930s, with paintings by the painter, archival documents and documents by the painter, in collaboration with the Musée National Picasso-Paris


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GEROME, Jean-Léon Anacréon, Bacchus et l'Amour
GEROME, Jean-Léon Anacréon, Bacchus et l'Amour

The scene : in connection with the exhibitions, you can attend conferences or animations

The Louvre Lens : located on the site of a converted mine, the Louvre Lens hosts semi-permanent exhibits representative collections of the Louvre, and temporary exhibitions. Amidst a vast landscaped park, we find these cubes cuboids and glasses that house the many services of the Museum. Near the site, we distinguish the silhouette of the football stadium Bollaert-Delelis and two large Terrils.

The museum is open every day, except Tuesday, from 10 to 18 and unless exceptional closure. Opening until 22h on the first Friday of each month from September to June


Christmas Market 2020

Arras City of Christmas
This year, Arras is called a "Christmas town" in order to offer everyone the opportunity to better discover the city of Atrebate and its multiple shops with illuminations and decorations throughout the city.


Santa's House
For the joy of young and old alike, find Father Christmas in his house to pull his goatee, make him confidences, give him your list of wonderful gifts and other toys and take a photograph with him to immortalize this moment! From November 30 to December 24, Ipswich Square.

Come to Arras to discover The Magic of Christmas.

Arras Christmas Market
Arras Christmas Market

Arras Film Festival November 2020

Arras film festival2014
Arras film festival2014


Cancelled in 2020 because of the COVID 19

Arras Film Festival gathered each year many spectators. You can discover many new films and previews in the presence of the some film-making teams

A competition brings together European feature films screened for the first time in France, tributes to the great names of cinema and them retrospectives. Festive entertainment and art. The festival also shows films for the whole family with a special program for children.

The Arras Main Square

Live Nation Main square festival Picture
Live Nation Main square festival Picture


On July 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2021, about 125000 persons will live and discover the Main square Festival of Arras, in an exceptional setting, at the citadel of Arras, classified as World Heritage by Unesco.


From electro, rock, pop or hip-hop, Main Square  proposes a diverse list of contemporary musicians. About forty groups represented on the 2 stages of the festival, the Main Stage, or the Green Stage, with a large number of internationally renowned artists, and new to discover.


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Summer in Arras :  local festivities

Arras Beflry square - Place des Héros
Arras Beflry square - Place des Héros

For some years Arras is a city of the Hauts de France animated during the summer. In 2019 the city of Arras proposed varied animations :

The festival of music on June 21st : about 90 artists on 30 scenes in the city center.
Main Square festival : 3 days of concert on the site of the Citadel of Arras, with a rich and varied program, French and foreign groups.
Arras On The Beach : during 3 weeks, the city installs alternatively a space of sporting and playful animations in different districts : in city center, in the southern and western districts. It offers a variety of entertainments, for the youngest and the greatest, and a closing party on the Heroes' Square.

Summer animations rotating on the squares of Arras and an Artisanal Market (summer 2017),
Fireworks on July 13th : as every year, during the Festivities of the Quartier Méaulens, fireworks are fired from the Quai du Rivage.

The festival of Andouillette the last weekend of August : games, giants of the Hauts de France, various shows, a market of regional flavors. The Andouillette d'Arras, a local specialty, is celebrated by its confraternities and the whole

The Belfry sound and light show : at the beginning of September and as every year, The Belfry makes the show in the square of the Heroes closing the season of the Summer Festival of Arras.

Enjoy our city and visit our museums, the Museum of Fine Arts, Wellington Quarries, discover our architectural heritage and the beautiful squares of Arras ...

Arras Market and Arras Andouillette

Andouillette sausage Arras 2014
Andouillette sausage Arras 2014

On the  last weekend of August, enjoy the famous Andouillette Arras as well as local and regional products on the Arras market.
With the brotherhood of Andouillette of Arras, regional brotherhoods share their passion and expertise.The local market allow tasting regional food and buying local and regional food .
The Friends of Andouillette of Arras organize a cooking competition with famous sausage!
Free admission. Information: Tel +33 321 505 147.

Sound and light show - September 2019

Crédit photo : ville Arras
Arras Summer : belfry show


Each year the city staged the Belfry of Arras with a superb sound and light show.


This moment marks the end of all events that animate the city this summer.